How to remove bugs & tar from your car - The Easy Way

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Driving on unsealed roads, parking under trees, road trips up the mountain or outback can all contribute to harming/damaging the finish of your vehicle’s paintwork.

Removing tree sap, tar and bird droppings can be difficult especially in warmer climates. If left, it can cause paint discoloration and staining if not removed.

Here are some quick tips to help protect your paint work:

  • Bar’s Bugs Bug and Tar works to powerfully remove bugs tar and more
  • Shake can well. Spray directly on affected area, let the solution react. With a microfibre cloth, wipe lightly until stains are removed and surface is clean, wipe dry with clean cloth.
  • Avoid using in hot surfaces or in direct sunlight, for stubborn stains use a damp cloth for best results.

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