Tis the Season you need Bar’s Bugs . . . For Safer Driving

Bar's Bugs winter essentials kit - 4 piece great value


Winter is upon us in the southern hemisphere. Some of us plan our winter excursions, whereas others hunker down – whether or not it's your favourite season, life goes on!

Temperatures drop, days darken, rain falls & storms begin to brew - traffic builds and driving conditions worsen. Not being able to see through your windshield is extremely dangerous, and the winter road toll reflects this.

As beautiful as ice capped mountains look and sparse brown grasses turn green, winter conditions reduce visibility on the roads. If work stays open, or the weather doesn’t cease the Snowfields from calling our name, there are steps you can take to make driving in winter weather safer.

Introducing the Bar’s Bugs Winter Essentials Kit. This 4 piece kit contains our essential products for you to brave the roads this winter. 

Glass Cleaner with Rain repellent, Washer Fluid with water repellent, Anti-fog mirror and glass treatment, Headlight Restorer Kit
KIT CONTAINS (Click on each product for more information)
This 4 piece kit is exceptional value. Save $30 all up! 



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