Use our 2 Cloth Method - For Streak Free Glass

Bar's Bugs Glass Cleaner Spray 

A How-to Guide

Bar's Bugs Glass Cleaner Spray is effective in cutting through grease and grime. 

When it comes to cleaning your car's glass, it's important to use the right products and techniques to ensure a clear and streak-free finish.
Achieve the much desired streak-free finish every time by using the 2 cloth method in conjunction with an automotive specific Glass Cleaning product, like our  Bar's Bugs Glass Cleaner Spray.
How to Clean Glass with Bar's Bugs 1 - 2 - 3
Regular household glass cleaners may be effective at cleaning windows and mirrors around your home, but they are not designed for automotive glass. Automotive glass is subjected to different conditions than household glass, such as exposure to harsh weather conditions, dirt and debris from the road, oil, grease and many more outdoor pollutants.
Our Glass Cleaner was formulated to cut through road grime, bugs, tree sap and other stubborn contaminants - as well as being perfectly safe on tinted windows and paintwork. 
By using two separate cloths, you can prevent cross-contamination between the cleaner and dirt and grime. This protects you against a smeared finish, and even against causing permanent scratches to your glass. 
This is how it's done.

1 - First spray Bar's Bugs Glass Cleaner directly onto your car's glass or mirror.

2-3 sprays per section should suffice.

2 - With your Waffle Weave Cloth, run the spray up and down or across to remove dirt, debris and contamination.

The special grooves of the Waffle Weave cloth surface help by retaining less product than traditional cloths. This makes  your Glass Cleaner Spray go further. The grooves are also superior at wicking away contaminants away from glass.

3 - With your traditional Microfibre Cloth, buff the glass to remove any remaining residue.

The special loop weave of our Microfibre is super absorbent. This means it dries quickly to be used over a greater glass area, and for more effective polish.


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