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Bug and Tar Remover - 400g

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Removes bugs, road tar & more

Minimises damage to paintwork by gently alleviating contaminants


Bug and Tar Remover 

400g -  Super Concentrated 

Use Bar's Bugs Bug and Tar Remover Aerosol to remove bugs, road tar, bird-droppings and more from your vehicle. It's a specialised spray, designed to effectively dissolve and remove stubborn substances that commonly accumulate on your car's exterior.

Easily eliminate unsightly and potentially damaging contaminants with our Bug and Tar remover. As a result, restore cleanliness and shine to your car's paint, glass, chrome, plastic and vinyl components.

Bar's Bugs Bug & Tar Remover is safe to use on all common vehicle exterior surfaces. As a result, it will not damage specialised car paints and clear coats. 

It's super-penetrating formula was formulated to gently alleviate stubborn grime & contaminants from your vehicle without damaging it's paintwork. The aersol spray formulation also allows for convenient and precise application. 

How to use:

  1. Firstly ensure the painted area is cool to the touch (this helps prevent the spray from drying to quickly and allows the product to work more effectively)
  2. Shake the can well
  3. Hold the can approximately 15cm from the affected area & spray generously to cover the entire effected area
  4. Most importantly let the sprayed product dwell and penetrate the stubborn contaminant (If necessary, you may also need to agitate the area with a cloth to loosen contaminants for easier removal)
  5.  Wipe or rinse away sprayed product & repeat if necessary
  • Safe on chrome, metal, paint, and plastic
  • With nanotechnology Bar’s Bugs Bug & Tar Remover is an easy-to-use aerosol spot cleaner
  • Thoroughly removes bugs, tar, tree sap, bird droppings, and road grime from vehicles

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Bug and Tar Remover - 400g

$16.50 AUD

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