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PVA synthetic material (polyvinyl-alcohol)

430mm x 325mm


PVA Chamois 

Glides and Absorbs water with Ease

The Bar's Bugs Chamois is made with a super-soft PVA material. It is not only very absorbent, but also fast drying.

  • Pre-soaked
  • Flexible, so easy to twist and wring dry
  • Suitable for household and automotive use
  • 430mm x 325mm

With its flexible design, this Chamois is incredibly easy to twist and wring dry. Whether you're looking to dry your car after a wash or tackle household cleaning, this chamois is up to the task.

Designed primarily for automotive use, this pre-soaked chamois is suitable for a wide range of applications. Use it to dry both the body and glass of your vehicle after cleaning. Absorbent properties of the PVA material ensure that every drop of moisture on your car is effectively captured, leaving surfaces clean, dry, and streak-free.

Therefore, you can say goodbye to water-spots left behind after washing your car. Experience the difference that a Chamois can make to your car washing routine.

Choose Bar's Bugs car care accessories for high-quality, durable products that are built to last. We use premium materials, and invest in high quality manufacturing. 

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$12.50 AUD

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