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Fast Wax - 500ml

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Deep wet-look shine in seconds

Removes light dust & fingerprints

Easy application! Just spray, wipe & buff


Sprayable Fast Wax 

Super Gloss, Super Fast

Achieve a brilliant, high-gloss shine quickly with Bar's Bugs Fast Wax.

It can be used on metallic, pearlescent, and modern clear coat paintwork, and is specially developed to form a protective shield on your car’s exterior. The protective layer is hydrophobic so bugs and dirt will have a harder time sticking on your paint- therefore will need to be cleaned less.

  • Deep wet-look shine in seconds
  • Removes light dust and fingerprints
  • Cleans and protects
  • Just spray, wipe, and buff

Using Bar's Bugs Fast Wax Spray is a breeze. Simply spray the product onto the surface of your car's exterior, making sure to cover the desired area evenly. Bar’s Bugs fast wax formula exhibits hydrophobic properties, forming a protective shield on your car's paintwork.

This protective layer not only enhances the shine but also makes it more difficult for bugs and dirt to adhere to the surface, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Once you have applied the spray, take a clean microfibre cloth and gently wipe the surface in circular motions. This action helps to spread and buff the wax. Hence, ensuring an even application and a stunning shine.

Therefore as you buff the surface, you'll notice the wax transforming into a deep, wet look shine, giving your car a showroom-worthy finish. For more targeted application, you can also apply Fast Wax to your paintwork using a microfibre cloth.

Bar's Bugs Fast Wax Spray offers long-lasting protection for your car's exterior. The hydrophobic properties help repel water and keep your paintwork looking cleaner for longer. Enjoy the convenience of a quick and easy application. 

Elevate your car care routine with Bar's Bugs Fast Wax Spray. Experience the difference it makes in achieving a brilliant, high-gloss shine that lasts!

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Fast Wax - 500ml

$22.00 AUD

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