Pre-Mixed Windscreen Cleaner 3L

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Ready-to-use solution (no dilution required)

Bar’s Bugs is a non-toxic environmentally friendly windscreen cleaner

Provides instant clear vision – “absolutely no webbing”

It is completely harmless to paintwork

It works – it’s proven!


Bar's Bugs Pre-Mixed Windscreen Cleaner

3L Ready-to-use Solution

Bar’s Bugs Pre-Mixed Windscreen Cleaner is our original windscreen and wiper blade cleaner, already diluted for your convenience.

Our Premix solution is our ready to use formula. Therefore, pour it straight into your washer reservoir without diluting. 

  • 3 Litre premixed solution ready to pour into your washer reservoir
  • Perfectly mixed dilution
  • The perfect ration everytime 
  • Removes grime & insect residue
  • For Instant Clear Vision

The Bar's Bugs special formulation means there is ‘Absolutely No Webbing’. Our products have always been made locally, and we've been around a long time! Best known for our Windscreen Cleaner additives, use our additive range in all windscreen washer reservoirs.

For best results, use our premix in an empty reservoir clear of past washer fluids. 

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Pre-Mixed Windscreen Cleaner 3L

$10.00 AUD

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