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Wash Kit

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Kit contains:

  • 1 x Heavy Duty Wash Bucket 20L
  • 1 x Drying Towel
  • 1 x Car Wash & Protectant 2L
  • 1 x Windscreen Cleaner 375ml
  • 1 x Microfibre Wash Mitt


5pc Bar's Bugs Wash Kit 

Bar's Bugs Cleaning & Detailing Basics

The Bar's Bugs Wash Kit is the perfect place to start building your Bar's Bugs cleaning & detailing collection. These products are designed to be tough on dirt, and easy on paintwork.

The kit contains:

  • Heavy-duty 20L Wash Bucket
  • 80/20 Chenille Microfibre Wash Mitt
  • 2L Car Wash & Protectant
  • 375ml Windscreen Cleaner concentrate
  • Ultra Plush 70cm x 100cm Microfibre Drying Towel 

Keeping it clean with Bar's Bugs.  ​

Wash Bucket

Bar's Bugs Heavy Duty 20L Bucket is made using high-density & sturdy plastic. It also features a robust metal handle and gamma seal lid. It is designed for automotive use, and features the iconic Bar's Bugs logo. Perfectly pairs with the Bar's Bugs Grit Guard for safer car washing.

The screw-top lid transforms the bucket into the perfect storage location for your car care equipment between washes.

Wash Mitt

Crafted from soft chenille microfibre materials, this mitt effectively traps dirt deep within its fibres, significantly reducing the chances of introducing swirls to your car's paint surface. With our wash kit, say goodbye to unsightly blemishes and hello to a pristine shine. The soft chenille material traps dirt deep inside the fingers, meaning the dirt particles are much less likely to introduce swirls to the paint surface.

The premium 80/20 Chenille Microfibre blend ensures superior cleaning performance, allowing you to tackle even the toughest dirt and grime. The strengthened inner lining provides durability, making this wash mitt a reliable companion for many washes to come. With an elasticated wrist band, the mitt stays securely on your hand, providing a comfortable and snug fit throughout the washing process.

Not only does Bar's Bugs Chenille Microfibre Wash Mitt offer exceptional functionality, it will last a long time. The mitt is machine washable, making cleanup a breeze. Simply wash it with other microfibres to keep it in optimal condition and ready for your next car wash.

This mitt is a generous 27cm in length, to fit hands of all sizes. This ensures a comfortable grip and precise control during use. 

Car Wash & Protectant

This product includes cleaning agents that effectively remove dirt while being gentle on paintwork. To prevent dirt from settling back onto the paintwork during cleaning, it contains dirt dispersing agents.

Advanced Polymers are utilized to create a thin, invisible protective layer on the washed surface. This layer facilitates the quick sheeting off of water from the bodywork, minimizing water spotting. Unlike wax, the protective layer is wax-free and does not accumulate on itself, particularly on windscreens where it can be challenging to remove. It remains invisible and does not build up over time.

Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate

Bar’s Bugs is the original windscreen and wiper blade cleaner. The special formulation means there is ‘Absolutely No Webbing’ and can be used in all windscreen washer reservoirs. Removes all road film, diesel spray, and bugs from the windscreen Ideal for general cleaning of glass, windows, and mirrors. Safe on all automotive paint finishes. 

Bar's Bugs serves as an eco-friendly and non-toxic windscreen cleaner that ensures a clear and unobstructed view with no webbing. It effectively treats both the glass and wiper blades, providing optimal functionality. Moreover, it poses no harm to the paintwork and has a proven track record of efficacy. An essential to our Wash Kit! 

Drying Towel

Bar's Bugs Microfibre Drying towel is super plush, meaning it's great at absorbing water. Its 1200 GSM ultra-thick microfibre fabric can absorb approximately 10 times it's weight in liquid.

The 70/30 polyester to polyamide makeup of this microfibre drying towel ensures it is completely non-abrasive and will not leave scratches or lint on glass, mirrors, or your automotive paintwork. The higher-than-normal ratio of polyamide helps to absorb water faster, ultimately making your job easier.

The edging of our drying towel is velour hemmed and ultra soft so that 100% of the towel can be used. Unlike some drying towels, the edging will not scratch your paintwork. The Bar's Bugs Microfibre Drying Towel has a large 70 x 100cm drying surface, making the final step in washing your car quicker than ever.

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Wash Kit

$80.00 AUD

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